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Spring air cargo for development

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Yesterday, zhengzhou international conference and exhibition center, the wisdom of the collision on air cargo development and high-end great communication.

The international civil aviation organization, the international air transport association, the civil aviation administration of China MinHangJie world-class institutions, such as UPS, fedex, suitable abundant speed luck cargo airlines, China Eastern airlines, cathay Pacific, Luxembourg aviation HuoYunJie well-known celebrities, such as in the east, the plan for development, to discuss cooperation.

What's air cargo status quo and development trend in the world? How to boost air freight faster and more efficient? We have these issues of "tall", BBS has ground fresh content is about the people life.

Air freight

Fly into the people life

In ordinary people's thinking, air freight and we seem to be.

"Have you ever bought flowers? Ever use Iphone? Believe that most people have had that experience, this is the air freight and the relationship of the common people." International air freight association, vice chairman of Enno Osinga a relaxed in a word, let on air freight and instantaneous close up in our lives.

The biggest advantage compared with other modes of transportation, air freight is quick. Boehner DE, President of the council of the international civil aviation organization, combines the actual conditions of henan, zhengzhou, more vividly explain the arrival of the meaning of henan. "Henan is a big agricultural province, fresh produce, flowers, in zhengzhou, before the day is likely to appear in Europe, America, and around the world on the market of the city, for local people to buy."

Prosperity from the start on the runway

Transport has always been the important factors that affect regional economic development. The industry believes that in the local transport, inland waterway, railway, highway, aviation will be affect the "fifth wave" of the world economy.

BBS guest's dialog, there is a widely accepted. Aviation transportation industry are linked to the regional economy of the future. Hermes air transport club chairman Vijay Poonoosamy said that China has a saying "every journey begins with a single step". We say, boom began from the runway.

Air transport, especially the air cargo industry agglomeration and leading ability, become important gripper of the development of its economy. Zhi-qing wang, deputy director of civil aviation administration of China said: "the air freight is technology industry, to a region of industrial transformation, economic development is significant." Eastern logistics co., LTD., general manager of Li Jiupeng bluntly say: "the air cargo and aviation logistics is closely related to economic development." , he says, is to see zhengzhou air freight, the prospects for China Eastern airlines last year set up a branch in zhengzhou, and brought its 747, 777 cargo plane to zhengzhou.

Information to help air freight more efficient

Air transport is known as the "fast", after the world financial crisis to bring pain, indications that the global air cargo will usher in the development of "spring" again this year. The guests think, in front of the opportunity of global economic recovery, the international air cargo need to further enhance the level of informatization and to highlight its own speed.

China civil aviation university President, vice President of China air transport association Wu Tong water thinks, it is because of informationization level is too low, lead to the low efficiency of air cargo in China. World famous air cargo companies have a large information system, UPS cost $11 billion to complete the information construction, the cost even more than firms to buy aircraft, the cost of land. Aviation logistics chain management urgently, also requires enterprise has advanced information technology supporting, which support high efficiency of air cargo.

On the basis of the information technology, efficient customs through speed, also become the key to efficiency. The world customs organization, director-general of the department of law-abiding convenient Zhu Gaozhang said, customs organization constantly committed to simplify procedures, to create a one-stop customs clearance environment, and to explore more efficient operation plan.

On the BBS, deputy director of the civil aviation administration zhi-qing wang, gives the countermeasures to promote the development of China's air cargo acceleration: decentralization, which further growth in air cargo market flexibility; Opening wider to the outside, the further development of air cargo space actively and orderly development; Promote innovation, and further enhance the competitiveness of air cargo business, the air cargo transportation service transformation from single to all regional transport hub. Through efficiency, further improve the efficiency of air cargo as a whole.

Express delivery to air freight new opportunities

"Online shopping" into the life more and more people, as China's economic express industry in the development of a "dark horse", have the momentum to limit. Guests think, rapid development of express delivery industry, will inject fresh blood for the air freight, bring new opportunities.