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The international civil aviation organization BBS opening air cargo development

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Zhi-qing wang on behalf of the civil aviation administration of China congratulations on BBS held. He said in his speech, since this year, the world economic recovery, the Chinese government to take "steady growth, promoting the reform, restructuring and livelihood" in all kinds of measures are effective, great business opportunities of the development of the aviation industry lies in the industrial structure adjustment and the transformation of business model, new urbanization process. Next, the civil aviation administration of China will be open from and to delegate, to expand and promote innovation and improve the environment and so on four aspects, further enhance the competitiveness of air cargo companies.

The mayor Ma Yi in his speech on behalf of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government for the leaders and guests a warm welcome. Attach great importance to the air freight development of zhengzhou city, he said, in particular, zhengzhou airport economic rise for the national comprehensive experimental area development strategy, for zhengzhou aviation economic development has brought the new opportunity, zhengzhou aviation, railway, highway as one of the sets of the international logistics center construction accelerate, zheng the trains opened and normalized operation, cross-border trade pilot to speed up the implementation of e-commerce, meat, medicine, automobile and other kinds of port function perfect, the world famous airlines and logistics companies, promoting the rapid development of zhengzhou air freight. At present, zhengzhou xinzheng international airport has opened routes 161, including all freight routes 28, in China's inland areas first, the basic form to cover major cities and the interior of the country, Europe, America and Oceania route network, 1.5 hours of voyage covering two-thirds of major cities in China. Zhengzhou xinzheng airport cargo throughput in 2013 reached 250000 tons, up 66% year on year, growth in the national airport, zhengzhou aviation industry to achieve a qualitative breakthrough. This BBS is the first time the international civil aviation organization at the global air cargo BBS, in order to promote the world set up an international air cargo industry development platform. We sincerely hope that the leaders and guests, how to give guidance to zhengzhou airport area construction, to give more valuable opinions and Suggestions. Through the BBS, we will further strengthen and domestic and international airport, airlines, large aviation logistics enterprise communication, exchange and cooperation, the air freight industry bigger and stronger, air cargo industry to make greater contribution to the world.