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Diversified portfolio or a change in air cargo

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Although the world economy has had signs of recovery, but the air freight market downturn situation is still not much difference. How to get out of the dilemma, many airlines have tried. Facts have proven that diversified portfolio can increase more airlines cargo and benefits. Recently, the United States air freight market service sales general agent business boom is a good example.

In the current global air cargo market, freight sales general agent and services sales general agent is a very common business. They are different from general air freight agent is that have greater strength and more resources. In some markets, airlines after signing relevant agency agreement with them, as long as some product sales policy to tell them they can plenipotentiary airlines in the regulation of market operation. Their business is very diverse, some even including the airport freight ground operations.

At present, the freight agent business operations in Europe and Asia have very mature, but in the United States for a long time has not been a good development. This is mainly because in North America as a convenient, tongda big aviation market, the route network, especially in the market situation is good, basic sufficient volumes, airlines, there is no need to set up freight unit everywhere, only need to form a mutual agency relationship between airlines, or by the airport ground services company dealing with freight, lower cost, settlement is also very convenient. Because of this, the general agent of freight business did not form a larger climate in the United States. The formation of the freight, after all, the general also needs a lot of money and have better infrastructure. If the airlines don't have large demand, so it's difficult to scale the business.