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Air freight: only can not do

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E-commerce exploded, as many companies has brought the pressure of the supply chain. How to make customers feel joy online, how to fill "temptation" new electronic shopping cart, how the time commitment will be delivered goods? The success of an enterprise depends largely on whether the successful completion of the order, and offer services to help customers want. For the electronic commerce is no exception. Therefore, electronic Commerce Department started drones and cargo airship the exploration of cutting-edge technology, this will stimulate air cargo business fundamental change or transformation?

The future of unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs)

Last autumn, amazon's boss Jeff bezos unveiled a bold idea, unmanned aircraft fleet will be in the consumer orders sending packages within 30 minutes. According to this giant propaganda material, drones can carry five pounds weight of packages, the weight covers 86% of the amazon delivery order. The company on its website shows the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) carrying the parcel from the warehouse to the customer home video of the whole transport process, perhaps this is a gauntlet of traditional air freight industry.

Amazon's drone fleet vision has led to a different response, some traditional retailers assurances to the media, said: will be installed on the roof in the shop mini surface-to-air missiles, designed specifically to target amazon unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). This is actually just a joke. But some hackers don't think so, such as developing software drones into killing machines, invasion of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) software, disconnect the ground remote connection between machines and their owners, which makes the amazon had to seriously consider the future development of unmanned aerial vehicle fleet. After all, the horse boat MH370 remains a mystery in our heart!

In spite of this, the author have to admire the amazon's innovation. The customer want? Perfectly fulfill order commitment! It is important that customers get their orders from real products. The reason they place orders through the network, the main is "faster, more convenient. Amazon has been improve delivery speed barriers to entry, the recent company are talking about how to offer the same day delivery service. The customer can get this kind of satisfaction in a timely manner.

In the future, drones in the logistics industry will go a long way, such as disaster relief or to remote areas to offer help. Most inaccessible in some places, there is no any mature road system.

Swiss air freight global chief officer oliver Evans very support the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) this effort. Last November, Swiss part of a non-profit organization's Flying Donkey challenge, the challenge from 33 participants of academic and corporate sectors, showing how unmanned aircraft in remote areas to provide transportation services. In freight the chief officer of point of view, there is no doubt that unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) will play a great role in the supply chain of the future. This is not to distant future, because we can create the future.

Though unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is now impossible to replace traditional air cargo transportation mode, but its function can be used as a unique and the mode of transportation, into the remote and inaccessible places. For example, in 2012, the Dominican republic, deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles, in the pharmaceutical field trials. This is a new start a business, a local called Matternet hopes of small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to build a connection in the Dominican republic clinic route network, the head of the enterprise on the global freight conference in March by the scheme is proposed. The uav is electric four rotor, can carry 2 kg goods flight 20 kilometers.

As consumers, we used to walk into a shop and walked out of the goods already in your hands, very convenient to take it home. Why am I in the Internet and order, but don't have it immediately? Many businesses must insist on delivery or even on the same day the next day. When consumers in the year-end holidays when you place an order through the network delivery commitment is particularly important. In the short term, though, we will see the prospects of these new devices to shine, but the future of air freight to realize efficient, accurate and rapid transport, the right is the mode of transportation must be considered. Only in this way can satisfy existing customers and attract more potential customers, eventually make their purse "smile".